Finance and Taxes

Investing in a property in Florida includes several advantages:

  • Appreciation on real estate property investment: prices are very attractive and have a good growth rate
  • If financing your real estate purchase, you can leverage it with mortgage payments partially covered by rents
  • We finance foreigner’s real estate purchase with as low as 30% down. Our mortgage brokers will personally handle your mortgage application (as low as 30 days to be approved in most cases)
  • Rates are either fixed or variable
  • Duration of the loan term: either 15 years or 30 years
  • There is no penalty for prepayment. In the same way the borrower may partially prepay each month without penalty.
  • Very few information is requested: "non income verification" loan are available
  • Closing fees represent about 1,5% of the sale price for a cash transaction, and about 3% if you finance your investment.

Taxation For European Investors

Wealth tax

Foreign investments properties make part of the Wealth tax basis in France, according to the same rules applied to French investment properties. More especially, loans subscribed in foreign countries for properties investments will be deductible from the taxable basis.

Income tax - Capital gain tax

A fiscal agreement between France and United States has been signed. According to this agreement, incomes from investment properties (including resale gain taxes) are not taxable in France: the only fiscal tax due will be paid in the United States (federal and local taxes). However, there is some complicated rule "real rate rule". France reserves the right to consider American income to calculate the French income rate, meaning that American income is not taxable in France, but it is considered to increase French tax progressiveness effects. Nevertheless, as long as your American income is weak (regarding deduction of the loans), this rule may not get any impact.

This information is just that, information, and should not be taken as legal council.

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