Henin International Services "Extras"

Everything may be a potential problem in foreign countries. Knowing that, Henin International Services prides itself in helping its clients in daily actions including obtaining telephone service, enrolling children for school or getting a driver’s license.


Our commitment to our clients is handling all their needs. Some examples: Selection of the best partners due to our combined years of experience, so that you can enjoy the benefit of the best consultants at the best prices.

Establish the entire accounting systems, while keeping in close contact with tax and banking departments.


Companies representation: we can act locally to handle your corporate needs and do business for you at your will, such as import/export, accounting, negotiations...


Our multi-lingual and pluri-disciplined team of experts is dedicated to exemplary customer service and available to answer your questions – in your language.

à la Carte Services: You can choose what part of our services is right for you and ask advice or get a helping hand for the most complicated parts of the process of your immigration and/or local business development. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out about what we can do for you from one of our highly experienced representative.

Management: Property and Investments

Long Term or Short Term


With over 60 years of combined experience in real estate and commercial development, Henin International Services managers will help you efficiently with engineering, studying and financing your plan, obtaining licenses and permits, marketing your residential or commercial (offices, trade businesses...) or real estate investments. Henin International Services also specializes in existing investment properties assessment in order to optimize the best return from your investment. Henin International Services either works within the context of a real estate development contract or as an equity partner. Henin International Services can raise capital with its private funds or in partnership with investors and banks.

Buying or Creating a Business In Florida

Henin International Services: Immigration With Results
We help create the right setup that will enable you to move and work in the U.S. with an E1, L1 or E2 visas.

Businesses Categories

Basic organizations generally are personal firms or joint stock companies. It is very important to predetermine which legal structure is the most convenient regarding liability, personal properties, capital or taxes. In Florida, companies are subject to some local and federal taxation. Every business must get a fiscal identification number within a defined period and companies are registered with the "Florida General Corporation Act".

Buying a Business

Mediators or negotiators dealing with most of commercial purchases in Florida are registered to "Florida Real Estate Commission". An important thing is to make a close study of fiscal and legal rules before signing any document. It is also crucial to make sure to assess any "other conditions" of the purchase contract and what obligations the buyer is agreeing to.

Two alternatives are then possible:

1. Buying the land, the building and the goodwill, 2. Or only buy the goodwill involving the subsequent negotiation of a commercial lease. Our team of agents can take care of this kind of transaction. In general the procedures for purchasing a business in Florida are the same as the ones used in real estate purchase, with the exception of the transfer of the act of property. Also every business does not permit the attainment of an “investor visa”.

Before investing in a business, an expert like Henin International Services will help you determine the best legal structures and plan the inheritance tax related to this activity. Our lawyers, accountants, and sales representatives join their expertise to figure out the real value and the sale price of the business you’re considering buying, and the rights and responsibilities you endorse acquiring it.

Quality Service. Proven Experience

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